Save money on heating and cooling with the beauty of awnings from All Screens and Blinds.

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Automatic Awnings

Window awnings have been providing relief for homes from Australia’s harsh sun for decades, and with the exciting new ranges that are available today, you will find the perfect style to suit your needs. T

he Auto Awning is very versatile and is our highest selling awning. The automatic operates on guides, allowing easy adjustment from fully open through to fully closed. They will last for decades.

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Convertible Awnings

Convertible awnings have a fixed arm, pivoting on one axis, enabling the awning to be opened and closed, usually via a rope and pulley or internal control setup. The awning is tied off on a cleat fitted to either side of the awning.

An internal control is optional, allowing operation from inside, making it particularly suitable for installations way

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Channel Awnings

Do you have an outdoor entertaining area that you can’t use in the cold winter months? Channel Awnings are an instant weather protection solution that will help insulate your entertaining area from weather extremes by keeping out the rain, protection from the wind and shielding from the glare of a hot summer’s day. 

Ask us about how we can transform your verandah or patio, and create a weather barrier for your home. 

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Dutch Hood

Add a decorator touch to your home while protecting windows, doors and entry ways. Available in a fixed or foldable style, an almost limitless variety of shapes ensures there ís an awning to suit your needs.

Made with an under structure of long lasting, corrosion resistant aluminium to ensure many years of efficient performance.

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Fixed Aluminium

Produced with a new steel multi-rib cross section, skin panels provide greater strength, wind resistance, and better protection against hail and storm damage. Powder coated components contribute to the durability and long life of these awnings.

Fixed steel Awnings are a good application for Doorways or over BBQs

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Pleated Awnings

Ideal for timber pergola’s, the Pleated Awning provides retractable protection from the sun and weather. Operates on a extruded tracking system using a tension spring for closing the awnings, and a rope & pulley arrangement to open it.

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Louvre Sunscreens

Australian made Tru-Steel louvre awnings are beautiful, practical and economical, with the strength to last a lifetime. Available in three variations, standard pitch, closed pitch, and adjustable louvres with internal controls.

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Straight Drop Awnings

Straight drop awnings are an alternative to Channel awnings. These awnings are great to cover in verandahs, patios and pergolas. Operated as spring loaded or geared, the straight drop awning is available in a huge range of fabrics or woven mesh. Straight drop awnings protect outdoor entertaining areas from the elements creating an extra room in the home

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The Vertiscreen is a straight drop fabric system with stainless steel guide wire and components. The weighted bottom rail travels down along wire guides which allows the fabric to be stopped at any position without it flapping loosely in the breeze. It‘s resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal product along the eastern coast. A mesh fabric can be used so as not to hinder any views. The stainless steel componentry compliments any modern house or commercial building.

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Shop Front

Shop awnings, as show in the picture, offer weather & sun protection for road side commercial ahops, and are fitted directly into the steel frame of the building with awning J hooks. These J Hooks come in two types; standard looped style or straight. Both come in two sizes, 900mm or 1200mm.

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Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are ideal for patios and outdoor entertainment areas that do not have protection from the sun.

The retractable awning is characterized by a square load bearing steel bar which makes it easier to install them even in particularly complex situations. Such awnings can be used to protect balconies, windows and patios. Their operation can be either manual or motorized.

The top quality of materials used and the state-of-the-art finishing treatments allow you to keep the awning aesthetic and functional features unaltered over time.

Heavy duty retractable arms mean they can be installed up to 16 meters in width, with an extension from the wall of up to 3.6 metres. There are no posts or structures required for these awnings, which maximises valuable floor space.